Our companies are some of the most disruptive and high potential


FALFULL offers organic juices extracted through pressed method without any added sugar, water and other flavoring agents. We take pride in promoting the produce of the region we source our fruits from and the local people, integral to our production process. Falfull personifies the modern Nepali’s thirst for authentic and healthy life choices.

We are currently offering two varieties of juices, Falfull Organic Apple Juice and Falfull Organic Apricot Juice available in 36 partner outlets that include Dalle, Embassy, Le Sherpa, Tamarind, Le Mirch etc. In the coming year, we will add Litchi and Orange to our range of Falfull juices to entice more Nepali palates.


In this epoch of optimization and efficiency, Restro Order helps restaurant owners and managers to smartly manage all the major functional departments and daily activities of any restaurant and similar entities. It is a full-fledged restaurant management system that enhances service quality and reduces costs, simultaneously.

In a short span of 8 months, more than 25 restaurants are reaping the benefits of Restro Order already and in 2018, another 100 eateries will join the restaurant revolution led by Restro Order. With an estimated 6,000 restaurants in Kathmandu Valley alone and with development started on entering the hospitality industry through hotels, we are working hard for Restro Order’s scalable future.


With a vision to simplify life through technology, Home Automation Nepal has been providing smart living solutions since 2009. Through our expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) and our various product offerings, we enable you to take control of your homes and offices to make your life more secure, convenient and enjoyable.

Over the years we have completed more than one hundred projects and touched thousand of lives. With an estimated 20 billions devices connected to the internet by 2020, Home Automation Nepal is leading the charge of making automation available to the growing middle class and corporate spaces in Nepal.


NPAC is an agro-business that is leading cultivation, management, procurement, and export of kiwi fruits in Nepal. Driven by a team of technical experts trained in New Zealand, we help Nepali farmers produce high quality, export grade kiwi fruits to meet the substantial demand of kiwi home and abroad.
We are currently working with kiwi farmers of 18 districts and we have mobilized 20 tonnes of kiwi in our first year. As we teach more farmers international best practices and pest control measures, we anticipate substantial growth in production from our kiwi farmers. This will enable us to meet the growing demand of kiwi worldwide, which stands at 5000 tonnes in India alone.

Farm to Finger

Farm to Finger provides indigenous products from various parts of Nepal to healthy and quality concerned urban consumers of Kathmandu. We directly market and deliver products like black rice, honey, apples and kiwis from our growing network of farmers to ensure that the farmers get fair price for their produce and that the end consumers are not overpriced out of healthy life choices.
We are already making a difference in the lives of 1500 farmers across 20 districts. Our client base has grown to over 3000 people, and we are working on adding more products and building an ecommerce platform to fulfill their growing demand for more organic choices.


Sajilo School Manager is a complete education management system with an interactive mobile application for students, teachers and parents alike. We allow schools, colleges and universities to bridge the communication gap with parents, to automate various administrative functions and to enhance the security of its pupils.
With over 80 schools and colleges already a part of our vision of creating more collaborative and automated educational institutions, we are investing in distribution channels to make Sajilo School Manager available outside Kathmandu as well. Our focus has always been on innovation, and we are continuously working on technology to bring more collaboration and automation to Nepal’s education sector.