Gyanendra Lal Pradhan

by mnsnext_fr

Er. Pradhan, Hydropower Specialist and Entrepreneur, is an Electrical Engineer by training. He is currently Executive Chairman at Hydro Solutions.

Er. Pradhan has served as the chairman of several organisations such as the Energy Committee at FNCCI, CACCI Asian Council on Water, Energy and Environment, and, SAARC CCI Council on Climate Change, Energy and Water Resources.

Er. Pradhan has been conferred with several awards and recognitions in the past such as the prestigious ‘Best Entrepreneur Award’ presented by BOSS in 2005, ‘Manager of the Year’ Award conferred by Management Association of Nepal (MAN) in 2006, HYDRO Nepal Excellence Award in Energy (Hydropower) in 2010 and lately ‘Best Entrepreneur Award’ conferred by Engineers’ Association Nepal in 2011 and lately “Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award 2014” conferred by Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation, Malaysia in 2014  for his sturdy contributions to the field of hydropower and clean energy.